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Lisa Middleton

Advanced Sports Dietitian
& Fitness Consultant


Tailoring nutrition to activity levels is essential for optimal health, energy levels and performance


Lisa can help you if you are:

Searching for a competitive edge in your sporting performance?
Too busy to eat well?
Fed-up with poor energy levels?
Confused about different supplements available and what they can do for you?
Interested in having your diet re-assessed to make sure that you are meeting your requirements?


Lisa works with a diverse range of clients from elite athletes to those who strive to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise and balanced nutrition are essential for everybody, not only 'athletes'. Lisa can provide individual nutrition assessment, education and counselling for both medical and sports specific issues, and is also a regular presenter on a range of health and nutrition topics.


Lisa has published a book with Daniel Hoy - Eat for your Life. You can buy it through Wilson Publishing or it is available at all good newsagents.